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8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.
1 Saturday / month: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
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16, rue Spontini
75116 PARIS
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Center for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Français

Center for Cardiology
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Our center

Rehabilitation Center

We have a rehabilitation center dedicated to dynamic training via machine exercises and muscle strengthening. The sessions take place in small groups of 6 people maximum and are led by a coach specialized in adaptive physical training, under the responsibility of the cardiologist.

Consultations and explorations

The remaining space is dedicated to consultations and non-invasive ultrasound examinations (cardiac and vascular) and effort, crucial to cardiological diagnostics and monitoring of patients.

High-performance technical equipment

Modern medicine has become technically very advanced and has seen impressive technological innovations in recent years. Just as a good worker must have good tools, a good cardiologist must now have good machines. This is why we have chosen new, robust equipment equipped with the latest technologies accessible to city medicine.

femme sur velo réadaptation
cour intérieure de l'établissement
accueil du centre
Le quartier du centre
salle d'attente
plusieurs tapis de course pour la réadaptation

Our specialities


Cardiology is our core specialty and our passion. It is an effective specialty, which not only provides diagnostics, but offers many treatments which have made it possible to considerably reduce cardiovascular mortality in developed countries (the cardio-neurovascular mortality rate standardized by age has been divided by three in France since 1980!).
We treat not only the heart as well as the vessels: arterial pathology and venous thrombosis problems are also among our specialties.
Our care is focused on cardiovascular screening and prevention - as we strongly believe "prevention is better than cure" - as well as on the monitoring of chronic cardiovascular pathologies. Contrary to what one might think, most cardiovascular pathologies can be treated well, but cannot be cured. Being "cardiac" often means living normally (and for a long time!) but with daily treatments and regular medical monitoring. Therapeutic adaptations and regular follow-ups are however essential to avoid a recurrence, aggravation or complication of the initial pathology.

Cardiovascular rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is treatment! It is mainly intended for coronary patients, or patients who have recently undergone heart surgery, or who are considered to be "at high cardiovascular risk" or who suffer from arterial disease. Rehabilitation decreases cardiovascular mortality, decreases the rehospitalization rate, improves quality of life and walking distance. Rehabilitation of coronary sufferers reduces cardiac mortality by 26% and overall mortality by 20%. (Meta-analysis by Andersen et al. JACC 2016). The WHO defines it as "the set of activities necessary to favorably influence the evolutionary process of the disease, as well as to ensure patients the best possible physical, mental and social condition so that they can by their own efforts preserve and resume as normal a place as possible in the life of the community”. Rehabilitation has a triple objective: to improve exercise capacity and especially walking in vascular patients, to correct cardiovascular risk factors and to provide therapeutic education. It allows the patient to initiate the change towards a healthier lifestyle, to establish the foundations of regular physical activity and is part of the fight against sedentary lifestyle , which is the first cause of avoidable mortality before tobacco!
It is based on the active participation and voluntary commitment of the patient, who becomes an actor in his health.

stethoscope médecin

Cœur à corps integrates dietetics into its care program as a complementary ally to medical care and physical activity.
Dietetics as a life skill therapy to help you better meet your physiological needs, correct certain eating habits and connect with your body, while easing the burden of emotions and behaviours that sometimes weigh life down.
A balanced diet, cardiovascular rehabilitation, weight loss and correction of risk factors... dietetics is there to help you take better care of yourself!
Paola, the dietician, will guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and a better understanding of yourself, through a special listening session, nutritional education and behavioral therapy.

Better understanding for better action!

Diet and exercise are good friends. They complement each other and contribute positively to the process of life change and self-care in which we wish to motivate you to engage your efforts.

Our team

'equipe Dr Rossi centre de cardiologie et de réadaptation cardio-vasculaire Paris 16
portrait aude rossi cardiologue

Dr. Aude ROSSI


general cardiology, vascular medecine, sport cardiology, cardiovascular rehabilitation

porait Vincent Aïdan cardiologue

Dr. Vincent AÏDAN



portrait Paola Larminaux



portrait christian vetus assistant

Christian VETUS

medical assistant

portrait clemence martel assistante

Clémence MARTEL

medical assistant

portrait pierre aupomerol


Adapted Physical Activity Teacher

portrait clothilde de cagny

Clothilde DE CAGNY


What our patients are saying

“Dr Rossi has been my cardiologist for about ten years for cardiac arrhythmia. Dr. Rossi has always been attentive and kind to me. Thanks to her very accurate diagnosis, her professionalism and her great kindness, she has been very helpful in monitoring my illness. At each appointment, she has provided support, comfort and appeasement. ”


“Dr Aude Rossi has been my cardiologist since she was Head of Clinic, following My aortic dissection. Dr. Rossi knows her job and does it very conscientiously. I definitely recommend her care.”

René H.

“Dr Rossi does everything to satisfy you medically and humanely. For all this, I thank her and highly recommend her.”

Christiane H.

“Doctor Aude ROSSI has been my cardiologist since January 2021. She is an excellent, very professional, competent cardiologist who listens to her patients. She establishes a correct diagnosis. We feel safe with her! ”


“Dr. ROSSI brings to her practice a subtle and pleasant balance between empathy and firmness, between requirement and accompaniment, between clarity and questioning. She knows how to listen, she knows how to widen the field of her research, and she is remarkably persistent when she tracks down a piece of information necessary for her diagnosis. At the same time, she knows how to show an elegant directness to orient her patients towards the hypotheses and the solutions necessary for their pathology, and finally she has a quality of adaptation to her interlocutors which makes her effective in the "patient-doctor" relationship. " . She has been my cardiologist for two years and I will recommend her to all my relatives ”


“Following two serious leg operations (including a bypass), I was referred to the service of Dr. Aude Rossi for my vascular rehabilitation. She is an excellent practitioner with great kindness. She remains my follow-up doctor.”

Nadine D.

Our vision of medicine

Global cardiology

« Can a body heal, whose heart is sick? » ( Pierre Corneille, Clitandre)

Although cardiology is a specialty, we do not practice solely organ medicine. We consider the patient as a whole with their complexity and do not focus only on the heart. We must take into account any other pathologies, their lifestyle, constraints, as well as their way of apprehending the pathology and their mind set in order to offer the most appropriate care and build a long-term relationship of trust. The heart, the body, the spirit are closely linked.

Empathy and kindness

The medicine we want to practice is medicine that listens, is empathetic and benevolent. Part of the doctor's work in consultation is conventionally referred to as "questioning". But in reality, it is not only a matter of questioning your patient but above all of knowing how to listen. Good listening makes it possible to make the right diagnosis, to adapt treatments so that they are well tolerated and accepted (and therefore accepted) by the patient, and sometimes even -in our time of stress and individualism- the questioning in itself can support and help the patient.

Clinical Sense and Context

Despite all the technical and technological advances in medicine, clinical sense remains essential to good medicine. Many patients think that one or more tests can replace the consultation and the medical thinking that accompanies it. It's wrong. Any test is interpreted according to the clinical context and it is much easier to find what you are looking for. It is useless to multiply tests without specific reasons, it is only a waste of time and money! A good doctor is not only a prescriber. He must be able to summarize the results and conclude on a diagnosis (which may be that everything is fine!) and a treatment. We offer the following consultations and tests The other tests we perform at the cardiology center.

image de 2 mains l'une dans l'autre, réconfortantes