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TSA echo-doppler

TSA echo-doppler

This test is an ultrasound examination (using ultrasound) of the arteries of the neck, called supra-aortic trunks or carotid and vertebral arteries. This allows for a good visualization of the wall of the vessels, and thanks to the Doppler, we can also obtain an image of the blood flows circulating in these arteries and measure the speed of these flows.

    Main indications:

  • Screening for atheroma
  • High blood pressure assessment
  • Assessment of AVC (Cerebral Vascular Accident) or AIT (Transient Ischemic Accident)

It is a It is a very good, simple, quick and painless examination to detect "atheromatous disease", i.e. atheromatous plaques that obstruct arterial vessels and to look for carotid search for carotid stenosis (narrowing).

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